1% of tax is your contribution to saving food from wasting and supporting people in need

Give it to the Food Bank in the Tri-City

KRS: 0000224076


What will we spend your 1% of tax on?

Year by year, the Food Bank in the Tricity receives more and more products donations in the form of food – in 2019 we donated 390 tons of food products to those in need. Such action, however, requires an efficient distribution process so that the saved food goes to our partner organizations, and through them directly to those in need. This is a big logistic challenge for us, which requires a lot of work and the payment of costs related to transport, storage and administration. Your 1% tax will help us save food from waste even more effectively and give it to the most needy.

How do Food Banks work?

The main task of Food Banks is to save food from wasting and provide it to people in need. It is possible thanks to the efficient distribution process: from contact with the Donors, through collection and storage, to relations with aid organizations that hand over the rescued products to people in difficult life situations. In addition to the distribution of rescued food products, the Food Banks also deal with educational and pro-ecological activities, and implement projects in the field of social inclusion.

We act based on three basic principles:

  1. The principle of non-profit – business without profit – realized through free food sourcing and its free distribution
  2. The principle of directing food to those in need through charities dealing directly with nutrition
  3. The principle of apoliticality and world-view diversity

We carry out our mission through:

  • Search for sources of excess food,
  • Acquiring food, including products with a short shelf life, the so-called non-commercial goods, improperly packaged, the nutritional value of which does not raise objections
  • Stocking of the received products and their rational distribution to the organization, not to individuals
  • Promoting attitudes preventing the disposal of food or its waste.
  • Our actions are guided by the values ​​reflected in the European Charter of Food Banks.


In 2015, Food Banks supported 2 million people in need in Poland, donating a total of over 146,000 tons of food for social purposes. This means food aid from Food Banks in the form of 7,300 trucks of food. We donated help to 3 850 social organizations and institutions: cafeterias, community centers, night shelters and homes for the homeless, educational centers, hospices, support centers for single women with children, orphanages and other institutions that help people in need.

PIT settlement is carried out as part of the PITax.pl project for OPP ”in cooperation with the IWOP.