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10 Nov - 2023

Travel educates, or how the TriCity Food Bank visited Berliner Tafel…

Berlin – Alexander Platz, curry wurst, Parthenon, Berlin Wall and Zoo Station – a city of museums, monuments, the seat of the German government… what do you... czytaj dalej

27 Sep - 2023

Partnership with Oetker – pizzerias that reach further

Oetker provided us with a donation of pizzerias. Almost 6,000 pizzerias found their way to our organizations Partners, and through them – to people in need in Pomerania. Thanks... czytaj dalej

01 Sep - 2023

Our new magazine almost ready

The warehouse may not be the heart (because the heart is the employees and volunteers), but it is definitely the respiratory system of the Food Bank. Those of you who have seen our... czytaj dalej

01 Aug - 2023

Never enough of learning

The development of the organization is not only new members and new activities, but also continuous learning. Regulations, innovative solutions, new ideas and new data – all... czytaj dalej

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